Regional representative

Regional Representative Program Details

For people who want to develop trading services locally, opening a NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED Forex regional office is a profitable cooperation option. This opportunity allows our partners to provide local customized experiences and services to their customers. The plan is mainly for those introducing brokers who want to take our partnership to the next level, and can obtain more advantages through our plan, such as higher profit margins and higher levels of independence. We believe that our regional representatives will have a better understanding of local legal procedures, laws and regulations, and business systems in their regions, and these are the greatest guarantees for their success.

What can we provide?
The support we provide to regional offices includes but is not limited to meeting all the needs of developing local businesses. NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED provides consulting services, promotional materials and its own budget, as well as direct contact with customers for faster and more accurate support. We provide regional representatives with assistance in all technical matters, implementation and integration of local services (such as the most popular payment system in the region) to help optimize their business performance. Our partners are free to set up their own business model-organize seminars, webinars, and activities they think are beneficial or related to specific market needs. The NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED , which is trusted and recognized globally, will bring more advantages to our regional representatives. With more than ten years of experience in the foreign exchange industry, we have established successful long-term cooperative relationships with partners from all over the world.

What can you get?
Take advantage of our exclusive advantages and become a member of our family:

  • You will be the only representative office in your area;
  • Comprehensive technical support;
  • Marketing assistance;
  • Provide your customers with competitive trading conditions.
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